Date: 6/9/18 10:15 pm
From: Thomas Turner <habarimbu...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Cuyama canyons
I checked out the dry corner of the county last night and this morning. I camped in Deer Park Canyon, also birded Ballinger Canyon, and then hiked Santa Barbara Canyon trail for a bit. A few highlights:

Black-Throated Sparrow: Mark Holmgren reported four from Deer Park Canyon in late May, and John Callender had them again 6/4. I had the same number this morning.
Scott’s Oriole: I heard one singing at Deer Park Canyon.
Mountain Quail: I had them in Deer Park Canyon and on the Santa Barbara Canyon trail. In Deer Park, I saw an American Kestrel try to pick off a Mountain Quail chick, which was fun to see (it was unsuccessful).
Willow Flycatcher: There were two singing away at the Santa Barbara Canyon trailhead.
Lesser Nighthawk & Common Poorwill were both present in Deer Park Canyon

I was on the lookout for Brewer’s Sparrow, but didn’t get them.

Deer Park this morning: <>, and yesterday evening <>; the Mountain Quail were in Ventura County: <>
Ballinger Canyon: <>, <>
Santa Barbara Canyon trail: <>

-Tom Turner

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