Date: 6/9/18 9:10 pm
From: Chuck & Jaye Otte <otte2...>
Subject: KSBIRD-L Archives change
Good evening KSBIRD-L!

Things are slowly returning to normal with the KSBIRD-L listserv and I am
home from 4 days at Rock Springs 4-H Center with our annual 4-H Camp
(and managed to add White-winged Dove to my Dickinson County list!)

A few of you have commented about problems accessing the KSBIRD-L
archives and have wondered if that's an artifact of the fire at the K-State
computing center. In short, the answer is no.

Up until about a month ago the KSBIRD-L archives were open to the public.
Email addresses were generally hidden (at least in the headers) UNLESS
you were logged in and only subscribers could be logged in. In early May I
was notified by the ListServ managers at K-State that KSBIRD-L and several
other bird related lists were being "hit" several thousand times a day by what
appeared to be a "bot" trying to get information about the list through ListServ
commands. (When I say several thousand times a day I am not exagerating!)
Through a little sleuthing they were able to figure out that this was from an
internet domain in Europe. We have no idea why this was occurring but it
was happening to other bird lists at other institutions as well, we found out.
Two actions were taken - that domain was blocked and we set the archives
(and all related information) to private. By doing this our intent was to protect
your information which amounts to your email address as that's the only
information about you that the list contains. The unfortunate side effect of this
is that it also blocks non-subscribers from reading the archives at K-State.

The list is still mirrored (and can be read) at the American Birding
Associations web site "Birding News" - which also mirrors most of the bird
lists across the country:

If you wish to read KSBIRD-L on line you will need to go through a log in
procedure (available ONLY to subscribers). If you go to and you see that you need to log in, just
click on that message and follow the instructions. I'm going to post a web
page with some screen shots showing the few simple steps you need to go
through early next week. Meant to do that last week but preparing for 4-H
Camp got in the way! The good news is that once you are logged in you can
usually stay logged in. If you happen to be subscribed with a KSU.EDU
address, you can log in with your KSU email password.

I can not take care of this step for you. The process is fairly simple as long as
you follow the directions. And once you are logged in everything is available
just as it was before. If you have questions about this let me know - it's fairly
straightforward, but that's easy for me to say - I've done it many times!!!

Again, this had nothing to do with the outage that occurred and we do not
believe that email addresses were harvested but we decided to take these
steps just to add another layer or two of protection!

Have a good evening, stay cool and drink lots of water. As for me, after three
nights in a rustic cabin on a bunk, I'm going to ged in my own bed and air


Chuck & Jaye Otte mailto:<otte2...>
613 Tamerisk
Junction City Kansas USA 66441

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