Date: 6/9/18 1:08 pm
From: Jane Stein <jeshawks...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] whistling-ducks video / bobolinks
Such beautiful birds! Thanks for taking the pix and for posting them.

I note that in one pic, one duck appears to be feeding the other one.
Could this be courtship behavior?


On 6/8/2018 4:24 PM, Mike Sargent wrote:
> I watched the whistling-ducks yesterday morning as they alternated between preening on a log jutting out into the pond and then flying out to the middle of the pond, swimming around and taking a few drinks, and returning to the log. This apparently is typical daytime behavior, and in the evening they go off to feed. As people have noted, the covered railroad bridge serves as a convenient blind, as does the thick vegetation on the bank of the pond. The bridge, built over a hundred years ago, is a magnificent structure, almost Gothic in impact, and is worth the short hike for its own sake. I posted a brief video/slideshow at:
> On an unrelated note, I stopped at the Dead Creek WMA on the way back and saw some bobolinks on Gage Road, in the fields on the north side about halfway down the road.
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