Date: 6/9/18 12:29 pm
From: <amk17...>
Subject: [Tweeters] young birds
I've been away for the past week and my yard has gone wild with plants and the immature birds that are busy feeding on the ground, in the flowers and trees.

Today, a family of six young dark-eyed juncos, at least one young Bewick's wren and a family black-capped chickadees - all foraging throughout the yard. (There were 4 fledged wrens at one point but now I only see one.)

Also, a rufous hummingbird visited the boxwood blossoms, house finches and house sparrows at the feeders, violet-green swallows flying above and a crow and Stellar's jay bouncing around the yard.

Not a bad welcome home.

Seattle, WA

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