Date: 6/9/18 5:32 am
From: <trogon6...>

With permission of the Moderator I would like to start a story line regarding your most memorable bird. Your response to your "spark bird" was overwhelming and the stories were fascinating.

Your most memorable bird could indeed be the bird that ignited the spark however as you bird over the years the spark bird never goes away but there are new birds that can mean something very significant.

I believe that with each memorable bird there will be a very interesting story line explaining why this bird is so memorable. Keep in mind it only has to mean something very important to you and you should never consider that the bird is too common to be mentioned. It means something to you and that's all that is important. You can only talk about one bird even though the narrative may include other species.

All birders will look forward to reading your stories. I envision there being two story lines - one from old time birders and the other from you who are new at the game. Regardless of your time in field each story is precious.

Thank you,

Gerry Cooperman

Marstons Mills


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