Date: 6/8/18 6:15 am
From: Barbara Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] MBTA - NY Times editorial
Here's an editorial from the NY Times by two former deputy directors at
the United States Department of the Interior:

I realize that some of you may disagree, but there really is very little
disagreement from major environmental, birding, and land protection
organizations that this change of interpretation and enforcement "does a
profound disservice".

I urge each of you to call or write your senators and congresspeople
with your opinions and to support those organizations that work on
behalf of your views.

I thought long and hard about posting this, but it is important to share
viewpoints from reputable sources and to be able to have conversations
about important topics like this.  I will strictly moderate the
discussion on this, and reserve the right to withhold any message.  
Please strictly stay on topic.  Please comment only if you have
additional comments that further the discussion. Let's work together to
demonstrate that venues like this have merit when discussing important
issues related to protection of birds.

Barbara Volkle, moderator MASSBIRD

Northborough, MA


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