Date: 6/7/18 10:20 pm
From: Kent Forward via Groups.Io <kforward=<>
Subject: Re: [pen-bird] (pen-bird] Willow Flycatcher and BLACK-CHINNED SPARROW at Burleigh Murray SP 6-6-2018
Hi All,

Just a quick note that Burleigh Murray SP was open when I dropped by after work tonight (gate open etc.), so it is back in action.  I dipped on both recently reported rarities, but a really nice abundance of the regulars were present (40 species in all were either heard or seen).  Of particular interest was the preponderance of recently fledged birds about, including WILSON'S WARBLERs, and a first for me, two recently fledged PACIFIC WRENs that were not shy at all and whose nearby parents were beseeching mightily to quickly adopt a lower profile!  BIrd-song abounded throughout the just over 1 mile walk back to the old barn, and I managed to capture a decent recording of a SWAINSON'S THRUSH and a PURPLE FINCH (doing one of my favorite ascending, then stacatto descending songs).

Bountiful Birding,
Kent Forward
El Granada

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