Date: 6/7/18 8:37 pm
From: Kathy Noerenberg <klnrbnut...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Fwd: URGENT ACTION:Needed to Protect Clean Water Act & Rule which is In Jeopardy
Please consider calling ASAP your federal Congressional Representatives
about your support for wildlife habitat and our nation's waterways and
wetlands per the info below!

Thank you,


Kathy Noerenberg
Western Springs, Cook County

[image: The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund]
Don’t let the wildlife-friendly Clean Water Rule be undone tomorrow.. Call
your representative now!
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Dear Kathy,

Clean water for river otters and all wildlife is under attack in the halls
of Congress. At risk are protections for 20 million acres of wetlands and 2
million miles of streams and waterways provided by the Clean Water Rule
that are crucial for river otters and many other wildlife.

*Congress is expected to vote tomorrow to repeal these essential
protections for safeguarding wildlife habitat. Friends of wildlife must
speak out today.*

Call your representive now and urge him or her to stand firm against any
and all attacks on the Clean Water Rule and Clean Water Act!

River otters thrive in water habitats such as ponds, marshes, lakes,
rivers, estuaries and marshes—exactly the kinds of waterways that have been
at increased risk of pollution and destruction since the Supreme Court
muddied the Clean Water Act’s jurisdiction in 2001 and again in 2006.

This decade of uncertainty has taken its toll. *The rate of wetland loss is
on the rise—we’re losing wetlands that provide life-giving habitat and
essential breeding grounds for so many species—50% of the nation’s wetlands
in the contiguous states are already gone.*

We can’t keep losing these vital wildlife habitats and risking our
waterways and drinking water supplies.

Please make the call today: Tell you representative to support the
wildlife-friendly Clean Water Rule and vote against all attempts to repeal
it. <>

Based on the best wetland science, the Clean Water Rule restores
protections to two major categories of waters:

1. *Tributaries* to larger streams and rivers
2. Wetlands, lakes and other water bodies located adjacent to these

*In addition to providing essential wildlife habitat, these waters are an
effective buffer against floods, provide water in times of drought, and
filter pollutants out of water that otherwise would have to be treated at
great expense to cities and towns.*

*Tomorrow’s expected vote on an energy and water bill would undo the Clean
Water Rule. Business organizations with ties to the agricultural and fossil
fuel industries are lobbying members of Congress right now to derail these
vital water protections.*

River otters and other wildlife urgently need you to speak out for the
Clean Water Rule! <>

Thanks for all you do to protect wildlife and healthy, clean waterways.


Laura Daniel Davis
Senior Advisor, Land and Water Policy
National Wildlife Federation Action Fund
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