Date: 6/7/18 5:20 pm
From: Steve Engel <Steve.Engel...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Jackson Bottom Wetlands OSPREY and TRI-COLORED BLACKBIRD
Hello OBOL,

There have been reports by numerous credible birders off and on since late April of a male TRI-COLORED BLACKBIRD frequenting the feeders on the east and west side of the Nature Center.
Several reports are from today. I've glimpsed the bird and seen some photos. White wing bar below the red epaulet, no hint of yellow there, glossy black body - including the tail, long and narrow beak.
I'm just sayin' - it is worth a look.

I just filled the feeders on both sides of the building with hulled sunflower seeds.
Hopefully the squirrel that has figured out the squirrel-proof bird feeder won't hog all the seeds before dark and the feeder will still be full in the morning. She (the squirrel) only works the west side feeder, so be sure to sit on our lovely deck and watch the east side feeder too.

Our nesting pair of OSPREY have two chicks in the nest. From observations it appears that eggs hatched on 5/30 and 5/31, or thereabouts, possibly earlier.
It is a new nest pole in a new location so we were much relieved to see a ("the" ?) pair show-up ("return"?) in late March and begin the nesting process.
Their incubation period was going longer than we thought it would and dire thoughts of the 2014 nest failure began haunting. It was 43 days (April 10 - May 23) before first behavior observed that indicated there might be little ones in the nest. But incubation posture predominated for another week until May 30, day 51, when incubation and apparent feeding behavior were observed. On June 5, oh joy, 2 chicks were observed). We are all breathing easier now and we wish them well. You are invited to see them.

Our volunteers will begin Osprey Watch soon. Visitors will be able to view the nest through a scope (from a nice shady location), see eggs, skull, feet (photos) up close and learn more about osprey. Check the City of Hillsboro website under facilities/jacksonbottom for more info.
the 2018 schedule for Osprey Watch is not posted there yet, but stay tuned!

Good birding all,

Steve Engel, Nature Program Supervisor
City of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation
Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve
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