Date: 6/7/18 3:04 pm
From: laura ceperley <ceperleylau...>
Subject: A true magnolia warbler
I spent three delightful days at the Brooks Bird Foray in Pocahontas County (and so glad I threw a turtle neck in my suitcase at the last minute). So many beautiful birds, it’s hard to pick the winners but....... The “best timing” award goes to the junco who arrived just as the FS and DNR staff explained the “junco effect” (juncos advance the restoration of old strip mines by hanging around the brush piles and “planting” early successional species, like fire cherry). Best dressed goes to the numerous Chestnut-sided Warblers — all so beautiful. Best of show goes to the Magnolia Warbler who sat so nicely for the group, in a Fraser Magnolia! How cool is that?

Thanks to the many organizers for another great foray. Laura Ceperley
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