Date: 6/6/18 7:44 pm
From: <tom...>
Subject: [obol] Re: declining OR species

Outside of Brownsville (Linn, OR), my VIOLET-GREENS are down, but my TREE SWALLOWS are up. I just confirmed a 3rd nest box with TREE young (see attached)

On a side note, baby CHIPPING SPARROWS look and sound darn cute. Sadly I don’t have pictures.


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Subject: [obol] Re: declining OR species

I have a few in my NE Portland neighborhood. I get the impression though that there are fewer than there used to be, but there are more Vaux’s Swifts than there used to be here..

Jeff Gilligan

NE Portland

On Jun 6, 2018, at 6:21 PM, Thomas Love <tlove...> <mailto:<tlove...> > wrote:

I’ll bite… I’m not seeing as many VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS this year. The migration in general seems lighter overall in fact. I’m basing this on my normal circuits so there’s some regularity over the years to my observation pattern.

(Maybe all the birds were over Quebec a week or so ago? ;->)


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