Date: 6/5/18 11:41 am
From: Rebecca Coulter <rfcphoebe...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Woodpeckers and nectar
Hi all,
My office at the Museum of Natural History has a great bay window with
giant bird-of-paradise outside. Over the past week, I've seen Nuttall's,
Acorn, and Downy woodpeckers regularly visiting the blooms drinking
something out of the large flowers. At first I was pretty sure it was water
they were after, but after watching repeatedly, I think they're also
getting nectar, as they sometimes poke around outside the cup of the flower
around the base. I have seen Acorn Woodpecker at hummingbird feeders, but
not the other two species. I don't find any references to regular
nectar-eating for Nuttall's or Downy in BNA--wonder if others have observed
this behavior.

Rebecca Coulter

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