Date: 6/5/18 9:57 am
From: Garth Harwood <gharwood...>
Subject: [pen-bird] A grand day out: Russian Ridge OSP 6-4-2018
Hi All,

Seems like Russian Ridge OSP is coming into its own as a birding
destination this year - and about time, too! I took a long early-AM walk
under clear skies yesterday 6-4 and while I dipped on the reported Bell's
Sparrow, I did turn up a singing Chipping Sparrow, the first reported at
RROSP in many years. Photos and a location description are in my ebird list
here: .

Other birds of note included a flight of 4 Black Swifts, alas too distant
and, er, swift for photography. These were headed steadily north past Borel
Hill, the high point of the preserve. There was also a calling Pileated
Woodpecker and two singing W Tanagers, plus the continuing Lawrence's
Goldfinches (3 on this walk, including a pair, all along the Ridge Trail
near Borel Hill. Three W Wood-pewees singing well apart from each other
were a surprise - probably late migrants, but who knows? Oodles of Lazuli
Buntings, too. And all of this while enjoying some of the finest views in
the entire Bay Area, with wildflowers to boot!

Happy trails,
Garth Harwood, Pescadero

*Garth Harwood
*Director of Education,
The Trust for Hidden Villa
26870 Moody Rd., Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
*(650) 949-8643*


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