Date: 6/5/18 9:09 am
From: Nick Bolgiano <nickbolgiano...>
Subject: blue grosbeak outside Williamsburg, Blair Co
This morning, while road walking for cerulean warblers near the Lower
Trail, I heard and saw a male blue grosbeak along Wertz Rd in Blair County.
Coordinates (40.46395, -78.24311).

From Grannas Station along the southern part of the Lower Trail, Lower
Piney Creek Rd heads SW and Wertz Rd shortly splits off. At 1.1 mi on Wertz
Rd is a power line with tall wooden poles and gated SGL 147 gravel lanes
going uphill to the R on both sides of the power line. The grosbeak was
in a small scrubby field with a few autumn olive bushes and spruces in the
back when looking ahead while traveling on the road.

I heard it sing, played a blue grosbeak song on my phone and got a close
match as it sang about 20 yd away. I watched it for several minutes as it
sang from tops of tall grass stems - it was larger than an indigo bunting,
with a noticeably bigger head, reddish-brown wing patches, and a slightly
darker blue than a male indigo bunting.

Nearby was a first-year male indigo bunting with light brown on its back
and an orchard oriole that sounded similar.

The 2.3 mi length of this road through mostly forest was nice for walking,
no traffic and few houses. Piney Creek parallels the road and off to the R
are old stone quarries. I heard 5 singing cerulean warblers, 4 not far from
that power line (1 before, 3 after).

Nick Bolgiano

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