Date: 6/5/18 4:50 am
From: Daniel Larson <birdkansa...>
Subject: Baker Wetlands Survey
On June 3, 2018, Roger Boyd,Scott Kimball, Kylee Sharp, Nick Pumphrey and
Dan Larson surveyed Baker Wetlands, Lawrence, Kansas. Great weather. 79
species were recorded.
Previous years: 2017 = 70 2016 = 80 2015 = 69 2014 = 58 2013 = 64
2012 = 56 2011 = 61
Species of note--
Northern Shoveler- Although ebird questioned, Kbbat had breeding birds in
Atchison County. A picture was taken.

Least Bittern- ebird questioned the number, Several were seen and several
were heard especially in the Grebe Pond. This is a year of the Least

Yellow-crowned Night Heron At least two were seen in the canal both near
the use path and near the walkway bridge over the canal.

King Rail It was heard a couple of times at the Grebe Pond.

Yellowlegs Both species remained in a wet area near the diagonal trail.

Eastern Bluebird The ebird picture of two young Eastern Bluebirds is worth
checking out on the ebird post if you would like to see a cute picture.
These two were high up on this branch and flew very well when they left.

The ebird post site is below.

Dan Larson
Berryton Ks

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