Date: 6/4/18 12:03 pm
From: Mike Grant <mikecurlew...>
Subject: SLAS Field Trip to Colombia Bottom and Riverlands - Trip Report
On a day that started sunny but was cut short by rain, sixteen turned out to
find birds at Colombia Bottom. Rain started about 11:30 so we never made it
to Riverlands.

From the parking lot many Dickcissels were heard calling in the fields.
Those same fields were also crowded with Indigo Buntings and Red-winged
Blackbirds. A male Blue Grosbeak was seen by many in the parking lot along
the asphalt and a couple of Eurasian Tree Sparrows were near the picnic
shelter. The first Yellow-billed Cuckoo of the day was heard calling. We
walked the paved path along the fields for a good distance and picked up
both Orioles, Common Yellowthroat, a perched RB Hummingbird and Warbling

We drove the gravel road hoping for shorebirds but the area is very dry so
only Killdeer were found. A few Bobwhites were heard. Three young Wood
Ducks were sitting on a log that crossed the drainage ditch to the south of
the road. We parked at the river access lot were the gravel road makes a 90
degree turn and walked the short path to the river. We saw two Bald Eagles
across the river but not much else.

We drove on to the confluence parking lot and walked to the overlook. Found
an eagle across the river sitting at the very top of a crane boom.

Drove on towards the boat launch parking lot making a few stops to listen
for Grasshopper Sparrows (none found) and one stop for a Bell's Vireo which
a few people got to see. The structures at the parking lot are hosting
quite a few Swallow nests and Bank Swallows were over the river. Had fun
with a Northern Mockingbird that was mimicking a number of other birds quite

Thanks to everyone who participated and especially to those that helped out
finding the birds.

Mike Grant

Chesterfield, MO


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Subject: SLAS Field Trip to Colombia Bottom and Riverlands

To St. Louis area birders (and others who may want to join us):

WHAT: St. Louis Audubon Society field trip, full day.

WHEN: Saturday, June 2

WHERE: Meet at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area. On the north side of
I-270, head east to exit 34, marked for Riverview Drive (and also preceded
by a brown sign for Columbia Bottom). Exit, turn left, and go about 2.5
miles to the Columbia Bottom entrance on the right. Turn in there, make an
immediate left, and proceed to the parking lot near the visitor center.

MEETING TIME: 7:00 a.m. We will walk around the visitor center vicinity
for a little while before consolidating cars and taking off into the area.

TENTATIVE PLAN: We will spend much of the morning at Columbia Bottom,
looking for the many summer resident birds plus the possibility (if there is
any water) of very late shorebirds, gulls, or terns, or some interesting
waders. We'll keep a careful census of what we find, and the leader will
submit an eBird report and post the results publicly. Eventually we will
head for the Riverlands area to complete the morning (if there is any of it
left) and continue into the afternoon. I expect to stop for a fast-food
lunch somewhere en route, but those who wish to bring their own lunch may do

WHO: Everyone is welcome, whether a member of St. Louis Audubon Society or
not. Out-of-towners are invited!

CONDITIONS: Please dress appropriately for whatever weather is predicted.
At this moment it is predicted to be hot with a chance of thunderstorms in
the afternoon. Sunscreen and hats are advisable, as always.

LEADERS: Myself and possibly some other members of the leader group.

Mike Grant

Chesterfield, MO



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