Date: 6/4/18 11:56 am
From: Larry McQueen <larmcqueen...>
Subject: [obol] Phoebe
On the other hand (an argument for Say’s). Somehow, I missed the link to the video and haven’t seen it. So this is based on the single image.

The bird has a longer primary extension and longer tail than expected for an Eastern. There is no apparent contrast between throat and breast. Tail-flicking can often be minimized for Eastern, but lack of it under long observation would apply to the argument.

I do not believe the color was washed out by overexposure, as the post and green background look normal and the flanks are not in direct light, but shaded. Say’s color should be there. The apparent striping is merely the roll of the feather tracts in that fluffy area. It is obviously not a Vermilion.

The bird could be an aberrant Say’s.

Thanks to you, Jimmy, for finding and posting this enigmatic bird, and for a good reason.

Larry<Iʋ-Wyb(N ӑABi0zX+bnNڭb0yb(ڭbnB{Zr٨uڶnf׫j+zX+
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