Date: 6/4/18 8:18 am
From: Ted Cable <tcable...>
Subject: Bronzed Cowbirds and Prairie Warbler
Just to confirm what Pete reported, Doris Burnett and I watched and photographed the cowbirds in the campground for about an hour. Then we birded the ponds and grasslands for about an hour and on our way out we stopped at the Rest Stop. There we quickly saw a pair of Bronzed Cowbirds feeding in the grass and eventually flying up into the trees. We photographed these birds as well. They were flushed several times by dogs and people, but seemed to want to stick pretty tight to that immediate area. Likewise, the birds the campground seemed very content there as when they were flushed or flew on their own they seemed to stay in the immediate vicinity of the campground. At neither location were the birds ever seen "flying off." This is very circumstantial evidence, but does seem to indicate that the pair at the Rest Stop might be a different pair than the campground cowbirds.

Then later in the day Doris and I searched for Mike's Prairie Warbler. This was a much more difficult task. After 45 minutes we were on the verge of giving up as it had been a long day, but then we decided to spend 15 more minutes so that we could say we spent a full hour trying for it. Sure enough just before the hour was up the bird came into a tree near the road and we got great looks at it. It never did sing or call during the one hour we were there. - Ted

Ted T. Cable, Ph.D.
Park Management and Conservation
Kansas State University

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