Date: 6/4/18 3:52 am
From: Maeve Kim <maevulus...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] ants at hummingbird feeders - solved???
In case anyone else is curious, Iím sending this to all: I put on the tape only once last year, but the first time wasnít until late June or so. It looked pretty shredded by the time the last young hummers left in September but it was still sticky.

On Jun 3, 2018, at 8:27 PM, Richard Harlow <raharlow...> wrote:

> How often did you have to reapply the tape during the summer? Or, was one tape all you needed to do.
> Dick Harlow
> On 6/3/18 18:15, Maeve Kim wrote:
>> Halfway through last summer, our hummingbird feeders were immediately full of ants, lots of ants. In desperation, I wrapped the bottom 2í or so of the poles on which there were hummer feeders with the blue tape thatís sold for edging when youíre painting - sticky side out. It worked wonderfully (although the sight of the blue tape dotted with tiny dead bodies wasnít very lovely) so I applied more tape this year. I think this is the solution!
>> Maeve Kim
>> Jericho Center
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