Date: 6/4/18 2:18 am
From: Kathleen A Anderson <andersonka...>
Subject: Eagle Bluffs - hazard
I have only been to Eagle Bluffs in the evening twice this year. Tonight, just like the previous night, there were 2-3 trucks and 1-2 jeeps that seem to drive as fast as they possibly can while trying to kick up as much dust as possible. I almost had the feeling that they were trying to run me off the road, play chicken with me or at the least be intimidating. Also, they don't seem to be fishing or wildlife watching, as they don't stay long and very soon come roaring back down the road in a huge cloud of dust.

In the daytime, I have noticed some of this, but in the evening they drive much faster and are really annoying if not down right dangerous.
Everybody watch out for these guys and stay safe down there.

Kathleen Anderson, Columbia

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