Date: 6/3/18 7:18 pm
From: Bill Bousman <barlowi...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Palo Alto SBC, 6/2/18, Region 2, vicinity Shoreline Park

Yesterday, 6/2/18, I covered areas near Shoreline Park in Region 2 for
the Palo Alto SBC.  John Unger (from Virginia) and Julie Amato joined me
during the morning.  John and I were at the Mountain View Forebay at
sunrise.  As we were passing Charleston Slough, we saw a 1st-cycle
BONAPARTE'S GULL foraging on the mud flats (later, I saw this or a
similar bird while driving out on the Pond A1 levee in the afternoon). 
There was no sign of the adult Common Gallinule that I had seen a week
ago in the seasonal pond west of the forebay, but just as good was a
pair of CINNAMON TEAL in the pond.  They have become quite rare in the
summer, no one mentioned finding any other Cinnamons at the count down.

We then drove over to the Lakeside Cafe and walked along the north side
of the lake.  We saw multiple GREEN HERONS, and John saw one break off a
stick and take it to a nearby tree.  The two female-plumaged SURF
SCOTERS were on the lake for an easy tick. Once to Pond A1, we returned
along the south shore of A1 and met up with Julie.  We walked east along
Pond A2W and saw our one BURROWING OWL for the day.  Someone has put up
nest boxes towards the east end of the park in recent years and at least
one was visited by TREE SWALLOWS.  We returned to Shoreline Lake by the
maintenance road and at the pond at Michaels saw a male GREAT-TAILED
GRACKLE, our only one for the day.

In the afternoon, after John and Julie left, I drove the Pond A2W and A1
levees.  WESTERN GULLS are getting scarce, so I was pleased with a pair
on an island near the east side of A2W.  The tide was out, but the only
shorebird at the Stevens Creek mouth was a single LONG-BILLED CURLEW. 
Much better was an OSPREY munching on something off of Long Point.  The
best birds on A1 was a female-plumaged CANVASBACK immediately outside of
the Charleston Slough gates and a sub-adult PEREGRINE FALCON on a tower
on the outer edge of the pond.  I saw two DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANT
ground nests on the northwest islands in A1, the first I've seen there. 
With the rising water, the islands are getting smaller and there were
far fewer California Gulls nesting there than in past years.

Bill Bousman
Menlo Park

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