Date: 6/3/18 4:27 pm
From: Joan Lentz <joanlentz...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] recent sightings around
Hi All: Some news here from recent sightings in Cold Spring Canyon and at Los Carneros Mitigation Bank (south of the dam). Today I finally heard 3 OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHERS singing at Cold Spring. It seems so late for them to appear there, but they weren’t observed a week ago, so I am really satisfied now! These three individuals appear to be singing from tall trees (mostly Eucalyptus) on both sides of the canyon, as heard from East Mountain Drive walking along on the now-severed EASTERN portion of Mountain Drive as you walk towards the creek crossing. Also, at least 5 CANYON WRENS there. Marilyn Harding reports seeing two adults with 3 juveniles on May 19, while I was away. So that’s pretty cool. Otherwise, the creek there is still flowing in an open, sunny, wide creekbed — where extensive work is being done in the creek on utility lines. If you want to see how high the mudflow was up there, you can look at a particular sycamore trunk which is covered with mud and is at least 20 feet high measured from the road. This shows up poorly in photos, but it’s on that east stretch of the road right before you get to the chain link gate that says ROAD CLOSED. The trails are technically still closed at Cold Spring, but I see people using at least one of them on the east side of the crossing, and also some folks on the west side. I would say that hiking sticks would be necessary.
At the Los Carneros Mitigation Bank, I had a singing Warbling Vireo that was circling around me very upset in the willows planted in that thicket south of the dam and near Via Real. It would be cool if they nested there, since south coast nesting Warbling Vireos aren’t that common. I’m thinking it’s about time we walked Atascadero Creek to listen across to the gas plant property for singing Wilson’s Warblers for the same reason. The cool spring has been beneficial to vegetation on the South Coast, which may encourage some of these more northerly (in the county) nesters.
My lists and some poor photos attached here! <> <>

Good birding!
Joan Lentz
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