Date: 6/3/18 12:24 pm
From: James Billstine <billstinj...>
Subject: [obol] Some Tillamook Coast Birds
I birded from Garibaldi South to Bayocean Spit this morning.

Some highlights were:

A calling BLACK PHOEBE at Kilchis Point Preserve. Nels Nelson found a pair
most likely raising young under the bridge on Goodspeed Road; do they
normally breed this far north?

Two GREEN HERONS flying in and out of some dense brush at Kilchis Point.

RED CROSSBILLS at Bayocean spit in the forest. I wasn't birding then and
ran right under the tree where I could clearly see them. One started
trilling after some pip-pip-pips; is that normal for Red or was there a
White-Winged mixed in?

Cool weather, overcast.

James Billstine

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