Date: 6/3/18 7:53 am
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Subject: Re: RFI - Ruffed Grouse Locations
Buzzard Swamp is one of my favorite places and it's in Clarion County. Ruffed Grouse are reliable there. Butterflies will be in great variety at that time as well. The Synchronizing Fireflies should be peaking then and would be worth staying over for a late night hike. They peak at 10pm-12am and many other species of firefly can be appreciated with a little guidance. If you can attend the festival, there are always great bands and a great family organizes it. We volunteer there and missed David Attenborough by a few hours the year he came to record the phenomenon. More info and offerings can be found here:
Scotia Barrens in Centre County can also be reliable and I've had them most often near the shooting range. Golden-winged Warbler breeds there as well. 
Good birding, Shannon Thompson
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My wife and I are on a quest to see the state birds of every state in the state. That means a Ruffed Grouse in Pennsylvania, of course. We have seen the state birds of over 40 states, so far.

While I understand that mid-April may be the prime time to see these birds, I am hoping for a little luck can come our way in June. Later this month, we will be driving from Albany, NY to Washington, DC and we want to take a route that leads through Pennsylvania.

If any of you can recommend a site that may yield this target species around June 23-23, please contact me directly at <melgoff...> mailto:<melgoff...> .

Thank you, very much.

Good birding!

Mel & Jeanne Goff

Colorado Springs, CO
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