Date: 6/3/18 6:14 am
From: Adam Duerr <>
Subject: Re: curiosity; professional courtesy among vultures
I think it is very unlikely, but possible. Unlikely because one technique for scaring vultures away from an area where they cause damage is to hang a dead vulture upside down. This tends to keep other vultures away. I think it is analogous to people avoiding areas they perceive as unsafe. I also say possible because I've seen vultures in a feeding frenzy when trapping them for scientific studies. When there are large numbers (200) feeding, I don't think they pay a lot of attention to what they are eating, but instead to getting any food. So, if one dies or gets killed in that situation it may be eaten. These observations were of Black Vultures in an artificial setting, in which they are more likely to congregate in such large numbers. I think this suggests the possibility of Turkey Vultures eating their own even less likely.

Adam Duerr-Lawrence County

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Hi PA Birders;

I was riding my bike recently and came across a dead Turkey Vulture rotting along a country roadside.

Vultures were in the nearby area, but apparently not attending their carrion comrade.

So my question is: has anyone observed Turkey Vultures feeding on one of their own? The possibility had not ever occurred to me prior.

Scott Bastian
Somerset County, SW PA
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