Date: 6/3/18 4:05 am
From: Mark Land <markeland...>
Subject: Eastern Kingbird on Western Kingbird nest
Or vice versa.
Last weekend I sent a note only to find the server down.
Last Weekend at Heritage Park in Olathe I spotted a Western Kingbird fly across the road and land in a Sycamore tree. When I grabbed my binoculars and searched the spot it had landed I discover it was working on a nest. I went and parked the car and walked back to the tree and out flew an Eastern Kingbird. When I found the nest an Eastern Kingbird was sitting in the nest wiggling around. At first I thought maybe I was wrong and the light was playing tricks on me. Yet I had seen the white outer tail feathers so I had to be right. I watched the nest for quite a while but only Eastern Kingbirds were working on the nest until I left.
Yesterday we went back and watched the tree and sitting on a branch near the nest was a Western Kingbird with another in the nest. At one point the bird on the nest aggressively chased off the bird on the branch.
It would have been interesting to see who started the nest. Although I suspect it was the Eastern Kingbirds.

Mark Land
Overland Park, Ks

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