Date: 6/2/18 8:41 pm
From: Thomas Turner <habarimbu...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Baron Ranch Trail and Quiota Creek
I hiked the Baron Ranch Trail this afternoon, from 2 - 6 pm. I made it the whole way, and it is all really nice. There is a loop at the top that climbs onto the ridge. It was only sunny and exposed for about a third of the loop, and there were lots of birds up there. If you try it, wear sturdy pants. The top loop is quite overgrown; mostly with wildflowers, but also lots of star thistle like weeds. In contrast, the lower part of the trail that was weedy is now weed whacked. There was another couple on the trail — first time I have seen anyone in several visits. Thanks to Brad Hacker for telling me about this place!

The most interesting birds for me were:

-Tons of Phainopepla. I counted 13. They were spread from near the start of the trail to the loop at the top, near the ridge. At least three were singing, all of them up on the top loop.

-Tons of Costa’s Hummingbirds. There were 5 males, also very spread out from the bottom of the trail to the top. I counted one female as well. There were also Black-chinned and Anna’s hummingbirds in lower numbers.

-There were a few Laz Buntings and Rufous-Crowned Sparrows singing up on the top loop.

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I also went to Quiota Creek this morning with some UCSB honors students. Not much of note, but I was happy to hear Blue Grosbeaks singing here.

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Goleta, CA
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