Date: 6/2/18 4:31 pm
From: Ronald- Thorn via Groups.Io <Tronthorn=<>
Subject: [pen-bird] Seawatch and other sightings

On June 1, I headed out to Pigeon Point for a seawatch after the brisk northwest wind the day before.
I wanted to see if any birds had been blown closer to shore and any migration that was still underway.
The sky was part cloudy. A light west wind. The visibility was clear to near the horizon. I spent just over
two hours seawatching.

Birds noted below were all flying north.

Surf Scoter ( 20, only 3 adult males )

Red-breasted Merganser ( 1 second cycle male )

Red-throated Loon ( 1 alternate plumage, 7 basic plumage )

Pacific Loon ( 680 alternate plumage, 410 basic plumage, high number for the late end of migration )

Common Loon ( 6 alternate plumage, 10 basic plumage )

NORTHERN FULMAR ( 1 nonbreeder )

Sooty Shearwater (1,430 )

Pink-footed Shearwater ( 1 )

Brown Pelican (213, 30 juveniles are the first arrivals I have noted )

Brandt's Cormorant ( 80 )

Pelagic Cormorant ( 1 )

Long-billed Curlew ( 1 nonbreeder )

Bonaparte's Gull ( 4 second cycles )

California Gull ( 275 nonbreeders )

Western Gull ( 30 )

Heerman's Gull ( 19 second cycles, 2 adults )

Caspian Tern ( 3 )

Common Murre ( 2,800 )

Pigeon Guillemot ( 8 )

Marbled Murrelet ( 4 )

Rhinoceros Auklet ( 28 )

TUFTED PUFFIN ( 2 adults with a Rhinoceros Auklet, all my sightings from Pigeon Point have been
of lone individuals flying by, best view ever from shore, only one quarter of the way out to the horizon )

Other sightings

Today, while doing a skywatch in the Santa Cruz Mountains, a female PURPLE MARTIN was near
Scraper Peak.

On May 24, a female BLUE GROSBEAK was feeding in a weed patch next to a agricultural field
along Higgins Road in Half Moon Bay.

Once a common breeder in San Mateo County, American Kestrel has become a scarce breeder.
Single American Kestrels have been recently noted along Lobitos Creek Cutoff Road and of all
places foraging along the Highway 101 at Ralston Avenue in Belmont.

New locations along the bayside for Western Bluebirds which may be breeding. A pair was at
Sea Cloud Park in Foster City and a female was along Twin Dolphin Drive in Redwood Shores.

The lost Wild Turkey, Leonie noted in Redwood Shores was seen again looking at it's reflection
in a glass window of an office building along Twin Dolphin Drive in Redwood Shores.

Ron Thorn

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