Date: 6/2/18 1:56 pm
From: Tim Spahr <tspahr44...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] an amazing day...
Hey Paul, I'm curious if you could clarify your comments, as well as
suggest some places where we might see 15% of this flight (100,000
warblers?) If this is typical and overlooked as you say, surely you could
list us a dozen spots we might find warbler flights like this annually?

I am also curious how you can dismiss this as not a stellar day when right
now I don't think there's a documented flight of warblers this large ever

I did a quick check on eBird, which of course is not exhaustive, but cannot
find any flights greater than 10% of this total in the United States or in

It is interesting you say not many people are looking for morning flights
as I know of several dozen around the country; this work has been done at
Cape May for at least a decade. Rick Heil has done Plum Island morning
flights as long as I've been birding (2002). There are routine morning
flight watches all along the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario shorelines, on both
sides (Magee Marsh in Ohio, Point Pelee in Ontario, Long Point in Ontario,
Presque Isle in Pennsylvania...) I know of folks doing this in Washington
and Arizona as well.

I'd sure love to find a spot where I could see even a paltry 10,000
warblers in a day!

good birding

Tim Spahr

On Sat, Jun 2, 2018 at 12:39 PM, Paul Champlin <skua99...> wrote:

> A few thoughts:
> This is probably typical for this location, and is probably overlooked at
> other places around North America.
> I wonder what a really stellar day would be like.
> There just aren't that many people seeking out morning flight, everywhere
> (something to consider).
> Imagine what it was like 40 or 50 years ago!
> Paul Champlin
> Westport, MA
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> Wow! The New York Times picked up the story -
> Barbara Volkle
> Northborough, MA
> <barb620...>
> On 5/29/2018 6:22 AM, Barbara Volkle wrote:
> > Thanks to Ian Davies for sharing this amazing report.
> >
> > Barbara Volkle
> > Northborough, MA
> > <barb620...>
> >
> > *
> >
> > Ian Davies from facebook:
> >
> > Today was the greatest birding day of my life.
> >
> > I was fortunate to spend more than 9 hours watching a river of
> > warblers pour past Tadoussac, Quebec. By the time the flight finally
> > died down, we estimated that more than 721,000 individual warblers had
> > flown past. This Bay-breasted is one of an estimated 144,324
> > Bay-breasted Warblers today. Words cannot capture today's experience.
> >
> > Full list here: I'll be
> > adding some video and more photos in the coming days.
> >
> >
> >

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