Date: 6/2/18 9:10 am
From: Mundi Smithers <amen1farm...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Bobolinks, etc.
Last year we had a pair of ‘displaced’ Bobolinks move into our now meadow, former horse pasture. We still aren’t sure whether or not they raised a brood. They are definitely back this year and much earlier. Their burbling song is a joy!

Yesterday’s oppressive heat and humidity reduced me to low level chores thus offering me time for observation. Towhees called all afternoon from the overgrown pasture next door. The Kestrel pair seem to be feeding nestlings as they are in and out of the box more often than usual. The male seems to be quite obsessed with the local Red-tails. I’m fairly sure that they are nesting nearby, probably in the top of a multi forked old White Pine. When the Red-tail perches anywhere within spitt’n distance the male Kestrel arrives to harass and then of course a swallow or two join in the game to harass the Kestrel.

There are two boxes of baby Bluebirds, all looking healthy! The Tree Swallows are feeding young! Summer!!

North Pownal

Mundi Smithers

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