Date: 6/1/18 7:34 pm
From: caroline haines <chaines49...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Gloucester Harbor
Tonight under a softly colored cloud canopy, a black crowned night heron stepped gingerly among the barnacled rocks near the Blynman bridge, a late horned grebe dove near Half Moon beach, and the year's first two crèches of eider ducklings swam with their guardians along the shore toward the old Coast Guard station. In the Blynman canal a squadron of snowy egrets raced one another along the muddy shore gobbling up minnows as fast as they could eat them, each bird attempting to stay ahead of the others by a nose, or, in this case, a bill. Above them three adult little blue herons flew toward the bridge, heading to roost, and another black crowned night heron hunched in the sky behind them. The sun descended briefly through the clouds and then disappeared. Alls right with world.
Caroline Haines

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