Date: 6/1/18 6:11 pm
From: Dan Heyerly <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender daheyerly for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Malheur NWR notes
Anne & I have spent the last couple days birding around HQ, Page Springs, CPR, Krumbo, and we also spent some time in Fields.
No rarities anywhere unless Northern Catbird at HQ early in the week qualifies. The Blackpoll at Fields was an early morning brief appearance, but alas that nemesis itch remains unscratched by me.
Today we had a Snowy Egret feeding in Krumbo Pond at approximately 3pm, but 45 minutes later it was gone.
Eastern Kingbirds and Bobolinks are especially common this year it seems.
Battery almost exhausted. Good birding.
Dan Heyerly & Anne Heyerly
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