Date: 6/1/18 11:02 am
From: Christopher Hayward <p_t_nymph...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Willow Flycatcher Burleigh Murray S.P. 6/1/18
Hi Folks,
This morning I enjoyed a very pleasant hike at Burleigh Murray State Park.The highlight was the return of the Willow Flycatcher for a third straight year.This bird was I believe first reported by Garth Harwood in 2016. The bird was located in the identical location where it showed up the the last two years. After I crossed the second bridge heading in and started up the short incline , I could hear it making it's unmistakable fitz-bew calls. Once I reached the top of the slope I could see the bird moving around in the weeds just to the left of the trail and it's calls were obvious. Incredible to me how rarities show up in identical locations for multiple years !

Chris Hayward
Half Moon Bay

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