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Subject: Re: [CT Birds] Thanks to Roy Harvey and CTbirds
Thanks Tom, but I think a few more things need to be said.

The most important contributors to CTBirds are the people who use it. You all have made it what it is, with only minimal poking and prodding by me.

It bothers me a bit when I get so much credit while others whose contributions are immeasurable seem to get relatively little. To pick one obvious example, Greg Hanisek is in his FIFTEENTH year of editing The Connecticut Warbler. Look back through old issues at the names of the COA board members- ten, twenty, even thirty years ago - and you will recognize many of the same names we are familiar with today, working for the birds and the community.

But it doesn't take being an old timer to make a difference. The breeding bird survey is one example where the breadth of the state's birding community is so important.

And since I already poked my head above the surface, let me plug joining the COA as well as any local birding group you may have nearby. As a COA member you get The Connecticut Warbler I mentioned above, as well as generally supporting this list and all the other COA activities. And local clubs are especially good for making contact with others in your area, and learning your local birding spots.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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Subject: [CT Birds] Thanks to Roy Harvey and CTbirds

Please let me make 3 points about this:

1) I agree completely with everything Julian Hough said on May 31, in his
"Ebird and Directions" posting. And we need to use BOTH eBird AND our
CTbirds (this online listserv). One should not replace the other.

2) Connecticut has one of the most active and connected (an accidental
pun) and helpful birding communities anywhere in the world, imho. Partly
because of our active usage of CTbirds to share information, ideas, etc.

3) We owe ROY HARVEY a big vote of THANKS for his many years of running
and moderating this CTbirds listserv. And maintaining it as a civil and
useful place for birders to communicate and share. Roy quietly play​s​
a very central role in our community.


tom robben, in glastonbury ct


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Subject: [CT Birds] Ebird and directions

I relate to both viewpoints here. In context of CT birding I agree that

technology and gps are going to continue to be the norm. I do not access

ebird to learn about "in the moment reports" or to learn of directions to a

bird I want to see, unless I am planning a trip.

It would be ideal for birders to post on the listserve directions, whether

they be Gps coordinates or basic directions, in addition to ebird.? I think

that is where the CT birds listserve is helpful - reports to the listserve

seem to alert birders more quickly than an ebird post, but I could be wrong


One trend I have noticed is a lack of helpful directions in some posts,

e.g., Bird "x" at Sandy Pt. Sandy Pt is a big place when looking for a

small bird.

My suggestion, in addition to GPS coordinates would be to include helpful

onsite info (where appropriate and necessary)? that may help arriving

birders locate the right spot.

We are lucky that? birders in the state form what is a great birding

community and I for one appreciate all the people that take the time to

post timely info on their sightings.

Thanks and good birding,

Julian HoughNew Haven




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