Date: 5/31/18 7:57 am
From: Ida <idad...>
Subject: MS Kite Vocalizations
No new sightings but I heard a new MS Kite vocalization today. They are nesting in the neighborhood, so I frequently hear both the 2 and 3-part, high-pitched calls. But this morning, one glided only about 10 feet over my head, and I heard quiet vocalization I’ve not heard described. The sound was a grumbly, medium-pitched series of clucks or chuckles, similar to a red-belly’s chuckle but softer and more mellow/less sharp.

For background, the site is only about 25 yards from where I *think* this year’s nest is. (Dang, those things are hard to find!) Also, there were rumblings of an approaching thunderstorm, and the wind was picking up. My anthropomorphic thought was that the kite sounded worried. After passing over my head, the kite glided off into the woods about 100 yards and called in the usual way from some tree I couldn’t see.

I’d be interested if anyone else has heard this.

Ida Domazlicky
Cape Girardeau County

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