Date: 5/30/18 7:43 pm
From: John Bailey <johngregorybailey...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Mocker Update
The Meadows complex in Carpinteria, where I live, regularly hosts breeding American Crows, Northern Mockingbirds, Black Phoebes and House Finches. There must be a few other species sitting on nests, I just haven’t seen them. California Towhees, sure; Anna Hummingbirds, yep . . . Hooded Orioles, maybe; Acorn Woodpeckers, in telephone poles just off the complex property.

Last night I observed—from our hot tub—fifteen minutes of Mocker-on-Crow aerial combat. A few days ago, recall, I reported that three Mocker territories come together poolside. Last night five of six breeding Mockers formed up to defend their nests from the predation of Crow parents hunting up food morsels for their own young, waiting in a treetop nest close by.

I couldn’t catch it all, two black bombers zooming about with gray-and-white fighters diving and jinking after them, in and out of shrubbery, behind structures, above me, behind me, all around me. Upshot, one nestling Mocker was wrestled from its parents and dismembered atop our poolside rec room.

Nature—red of tooth and claw.

John Bailey

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