Date: 5/30/18 7:43 pm
From: Kathy Noerenberg <klnrbnut...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Need help on Montrose 5-26 VERY light throated female Connecticut W pix
I was at Montrose during much of the same time of this EBird report that
has 2 pix of a unique to me very light colored grayish-white throat on a
Connecticut Warbler that is much lighter in color than its hood. Other
people like Al S. saw a Connecticut W. that day too.

The *key* is this: Is this a *uniquely very light* *grayish-white throated
Connecticut that is much lighter than its hood *or is this more common than
I have ever seen before?

I remember seeing what looks to be this bird and commenting about the
throat on my voice recorder. However, I never saw the eyes of this bird but
clearly saw the entire bottom and some of the side of the bird. It was
obviously either a female Mourning or Connecticut warbler but having never
seen a bird like this and to be conservative, I counted it as a female

Here is the link for this EBird report for the same day with the 2 pictures
of the COWA.

*Question *- Have you ever seen a female Mourning OR female Connecticut
Warbler with this light of a throat especially compared to its hood color?

Besides a learning experience, the reason I am asking is If this is quite
unique, I will count it as a Connecticut Warbler. This would be exciting
for me since I have not seen one so far this year (at least the white eye

Thanks as always for helping me learn to be a better birder!

Kathy Noerenberg
Western Springs, Cook County

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