Date: 5/30/18 7:00 pm
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Subject: IBET SE Cook County: Big Marsh, Burnham Prairie & Plum Creek
Once a year I tend to do the sweep of southeast Cook County for its specialties. Plum Creek, especially, always feels like I'm making a trip to Central Illinois.

Big Marsh:
Mockingbird (FOY) - as I pulled into the parking lot!
Common Gallinule (FOY) - it called from the south side of the main pond, right where the path first overlooks the main pond.
Least Bittern - flew out of the same reeds, across to the other side of the pond, where it perched in view for about ten seconds.
Blue Grosbeak (FOY) - when the path turns south (northeast of the bike park) you continue along until the path is covered with a puddle of water. The grosbeak was on the ground next to the puddle, then flew up and gave a couple of half-hearted songs.

Burnham Prairie:
Sedge Wren (FOY) - I had two for sure on the east side of the railroad tracks. There were probably more, but I clearly heard two different birds.

Plum Creek (Burnham Ave.):
Chat (FOY) - calling from the east side of Burnham near the pull-off by the open field, which had
Grasshopper Sparrow

Plum Creek (from the path and trails that emanate from the southeast side of the parking lot):
Acadian Flycatcher (FOY) - heard, then seen calling
Scarlet Tanager (FOY) - notable only to me, as I had whiffed on all three tanagers so far this year; a neat trick!
Barred Owl (FOY) - seen!

My only whiff was White-eyed Vireo. Can't get everything, right?

Joe Lill
Chicago, Cook County
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