Date: 5/30/18 11:49 am
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Subject: [pen-bird] Northern Gannet continues at Devils Slide area 5/29 and misc.
Yesterday I did some local birding along the coast enjoying observations of our local breeding birds with lots of singing, territorial behavior, nest material and food carrying. A lone Western Wood-Pewee was seen in the first part of the eucalyptus grove at the Mirada entrance to Quarry Park in El Granada. In the open fleld, I watched  a Coyote digging for whatever in the mowed area.  At Rancho Corral de Tierra in Montara there was a pair of interacting White-tailed Kites.
At the Devils Slide trail, Egg Rock is covered in Common Murres as well as some Brand't Cormorant nests. It's quite the sight! Also noted along the trail were a pair of Rock Wrens. Photographers have set up to photograph the nesting Peregines.  The NORTHERN GANNET was seen from the south parking lot area. Here is my eBird checklist with some very poor photos of the gannet so you can get the perspective:

On the home front, there is a pair of Hooded Orioles nesting in a palm on our street. In the evening we sit out and watch both the male and female fly back and forth carrying food back to the nest. When we stand at the base of the palm we can hear the young as the adults fly in with food.

Malia DeFelice

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