Date: 5/30/18 4:21 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Eaglets taking flight
After 6:00 yesterday we walked down to see the eagles.  Both eaglets
were out of the nest with no adult present.  One of them was on a high
branch (the spot often occupied by a parent).  The other one was on a
horizontal branch level with the nest.  Very exciting to see them
literally out on a limb for the first time.

It was a glorious evening , the sycamore nest tree bathed in a golden
light with the river, the lush Wildlife Management Area on the other
side and the Blue Ridge beyond.  After a while the eaglet on the lower
branch hopped back to the nest but then got out and landed on a branch. 
I kept watching the eaglet up high and wondered how he was going to get
down from there.   The ruckus in a nearby tree diverted my attention and
when I looked back the eaglet was gone.  He hadn't fallen as I feared
momentarily but came flying from behind a tree landing in the same
spot.  This maneuver was repeated three times while I was there.  The
other youngster seemed to still be in the branching phase of growing up.

I don't know what the reason was for all the noise coming from the tree
nearby.  There were lots of Bluebird chattering away.  I also saw two
Kingbirds, Indigo Buntings, a first year Orchard Oriole as well as an
adult,  among others.  It was really magical to be able to take all this
in from the comfort of a chair between two giant 100+ year ginkgo trees
with a cool breeze  coming up the hill.  Could have stayed there much

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town
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