Date: 5/29/18 6:52 pm
From: John Sullivan <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender oropendolas for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Common Grackle, P Ranch
Hello All,

A COMMON GRACKLE was flying from tree to tree around the P Ranch residence, Malheur N.W.R. before it dropped onto the lawn next to a Brewer’s Blackbird. It was not much bigger than the Brewer’s with heavier bill and longer tail. Gold eye and blue irredescent sheen on head and breast. Much smaller than a Great-tailed would be. Last seen when it flew around the west side of residence. Unable to relocate in the next 45 minutes. Photos attached to eBird report.

Good Birding,

John Sullivan and Laura Johnson

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