Date: 5/29/18 5:55 pm
From: laura ceperley <ceperleylau...>
Subject: Dining on amphibians
Oh look, that robin has a bug. No, no it’s a worm. Oh oh, it has TWO worms. For heavens sake, those aren’t worms, they are two frog legs dangling from it’s beak. That robin has a small frog in it’s beak. (And after a minute it flew off into the trees, only to return in a few minutes with yet another frog.). It certainly didn’t read the book on “what robins are eat”!

Besides the speared frogs (RCByrd Dam), today we saw (and heard) horned larks at South side (Mason Cty), Dickcissels as the old Belleville dam (Wood County) and South side, and both male and female Blue Grosbeak!!! (South side). Lots of Meadow larks too. Great day.
Laura Ceperley with Christy Carr
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