Date: 5/29/18 2:26 pm
From: Bill Lafley <blafley...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Marsh Wrens/Yellow-billed Cuckoos - Ludlow

On my way by I took a quick mid-day walk at the Stony Brook Conservation
Area off West St and there were a couple of Marsh Wrens singing from the
large marsh and encountered two Yellow-billed Cuckoos along the walk.
Willow Flycatcher "sang" a few times from near the marsh also. This time
of year to really appreciate this nice natural area you need to have an
affinity for Poison Ivy (ankle to shin high in several places along the old
roads) and ticks (lost count after a dozen+). The good thing is when you
think the mosquitos are bad just look down at your pants and suddenly the
mosquitos are the least of your problems. : ).

Bill Lafley
New Salem

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