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Hi, I live in Swissvale, recently this year, and in years past, I often hear them at the corner of Braddock near the Arby's (I suspect there are suitable building there or maybe nearby) and sometimes above Edgewood Towne Center. I also heard one calling when I drove through Squirrel Hill at dusk last week. 
In the past I have seen them flying above Lawrenceville, and once above Mellon Park last year. (just realized those are places you noted) 
Hope that helps. 

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We used to have them nesting on our building, and then my landlord messed around with the roof too. Last year, one called over the neighborhood every night for two weeks straight. My wife heard one here last night, but when I went outside, I heard nothing, so perhaps it was just doing a fly-by.

Ryan Tomazin - Bridgeville, PA

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Terrible news, but thanks for posting Scott.  I've seen a decline in Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill & Shady Side).

Many gravel roof buildings where they like to nest have been replaced by rubber, and marauding crows don't make it any easier.

Jerry Kruth

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Subject: [PABIRDS] Search For Common Nighthawks

I took advantage of three days off work and explored some areas in and
around Pittsburgh listening for Common Nighthawks in areas where they have
been in the past.  I only found four total.  It was raining Saturday night
which didn't help and maybe it's a little early but I was hoping to find
more.  If anyone hears them in these towns please let me know and I will
follow up on them this year.  Ebird works and I can find reports there if
that's what you use.  I grew up in a town with nighthawks and have always
lived somewhere where they were found in summer.  They are getting to be
fewer and fewer.  By the next Breeding Bird Atlas they could be dangerously
scarce.  These towns made up part of the core of their Pittsburgh area
breeding population during the last Atlas and if this gets smaller there
won't be much left.  The only "hits" were single birds in Lawrenceville
(two places), Mellon Park and Oakmont.  Misses were as follows:

Saturday Night, Cheswick, Springdale, Creighton, Tarentum, Freeport,
Leechburg, Vangergrift, Apollo
Sunday Night, Highland Park, East Liberty, Strip District, Aspinwall,
Blawnox, McKees Rocks, Etna, Millvale, Carnegie, Bellevue, Neville Island,
Coraopolis, Beaver Avenue, Sharpsburg, Harmar, Verona

Scott Kinzey
Allegheny County
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