Date: 5/29/18 12:11 pm
From: Liz Thorstenson <lizzylee...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Bald eagle at Walden Pond
Hi all,

My co-worker, a birder who is not a member of Mass Bird, saw an adult bald
eagle at Walden Pond on Saturday 5/26. I thought this would be of interest
to some of you.

She reports that it was happily fishing in the pond close to the pontoons
that enclose the swimming area. It was seemingly unbothered by humans and
most of the humans were oblivious.

It caught a fish and settled into a nearby pine to eat it, and then went on
a second fishing expedition.

She has a cell photo of it in the tree but it is poor quality. I'm sure
she'd be happy to send it to anyone who is interested.

Liz in Arlington

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