Date: 5/29/18 5:50 am
From: Floyd, Chris <chrisf...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] RE: Very Likely Bicknell's Thrush at Mt. Auburn, 5/28/18
I've updated my eBird report again with extensive notes for both photos and audios. I am now more confident that identification as Bicknell's is correct, although I am eager for any feedback that would enlighten me on observations that I may be misinterpreting to this conclusion. I still have some wing formula lookup to do in Pyle but I am away from home.

Details, photos, audios at

By the way, I only hear the audio songs easily, even on my volume-maxed recordings, with my high-frequency-boosted hearing aids in.

I went to Mt Auburn yesterday, with very limited time, specifically to find a Gray-cheeked Thrush (and secondarily perhaps a Mourning Warbler), and I found this. The weather seemed ideal, since I've found them (GCTHs) so regularly over the years on rainy, drizzly days, singing atop small tombstones, which they seem to prefer.

It was the first bird I heard, singing, when I got my hearing aids in, after parking in my regular spot on Beech Ave near the Dell. I did a quick scan all around, and there the bird was, sitting a atop one of a pair of the smallest tombstones in view over toward Locust Ave, 25 paces away. I was first struck by the warm color (for a GCTH) with a closer view, but only gradually began to hear the BITH character of the soft singing as I followed the bird around. Some of the songs I heard seemed not to have the ending upturn. But the recordings seem convincing to me for BITH.

This was my second confident Bicknell's for Massachusetts, the first being a bird I found in Mt Auburn on May 25, 2008, just southeast of the tower. That bird sang and sang on that sunny day from dense foliage in a small tree and was heard by many, seen by just a few (not by me), photographed by Paul Cozza, but unfortunately not audio-recorded.

Chris Floyd

From: Floyd, Chris
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Subject: RE: Very Likely Bicknell's Thrush at Mt. Auburn, 5/28/18

Corrected audios posted

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Subject: Very Likely Bicknell's Thrush at Mt. Auburn, 5/28/18

Details, photos, audios at

More analysis needed but wanted to get this out in time for others to possibly experience this bird this evening. I'm pressed for time at moment.

Chris Floyd

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