Date: 5/28/18 10:20 pm
From: Jennifer Rycenga <gyrrlfalcon...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Purisima Creek Redwood OSP hike
Today I took a hike with some lichenologist friends of mine along the North Ridge Trail at Purisima. There were a number of good birds in the first .25 of a mile of the trail - PILEATED WOODPECKER, 2 HERMIT WARBLERS, and the first of a number of audible singing GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS. Where the trail splits with the Whittmore Gulch Trail, there was a calling RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH, and another group of Golden-crowned Kinglets. Another .4 of a mile along the North Ridge Trail, you enter into an open area, with spectacular views of Half Moon Bay; you can see clear to Burleigh Murray and Pigeon Point. Here there was extensive chaparral, and I heard one CALIFORNIA THRASHER. As we were turning around at this point, I heard the high pitched minor-second flight call of the LAWRENCE’S GOLDFINCH - distinctly two birds. They were flying northeast over my position, which implies they could have been coming from the Tunitas Creek area. But it also makes me wonder if the not-yet-open space preserve at Miramontes Ridge (clearly visible from this section of the North Ridge Trail) might hold small populations of Lawrence’s. Beautiful day to be out and about in our wondrous home county!

Jennifer Rycenga
San Mateo, CA
The San Mateo County Birding Guide

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