Date: 5/28/18 7:46 pm
From: David Bailey <davidcbaileyoregon...>
Subject: [obol] Possible House Crow in Astoria; was: RFI: interpreting ABA listing rule 3.b.ii
Mike Patterson has seen Eurasian Tree Sparrows in Astoria and I see no
reason that he should not count them.

The potential House Crow, and Mike did correct himself to this species, was
first reported to me, but no one wants a false alarm...We local birders are
working on nailing down the culprit...but their are fair number of pied
crows in the Seaside area and it is crow fledgling season...that said, I
believe that there is a large black corvus around with a gray hood in
Astoria. The bird was seen two days in a row (26 & 27 May) on rooftops near
the Bowpicker food cart (a converted boat) around 17th and 18th and
Exchange Street. I looked around the area this afternoon for fifteen
minutes without seeing any crow, but the Bowpicker was closed for Memorial
Day and therefore French fries and cast off fried tuna pieces were in short
supply. I will look again tomorrow as I imagine others will too. The
Bowpicker is a worthy destination for tuna fish an chips regardless.

The good news is that if there is a House Crow in Astoria, it is not likely
to go anywhere as they are highly anthrocentric in their preferred haunts.
They are known to board ships and have colonized several areas by ship
travel from port to distant port.


David C. Bailey
Seaside, Oregon where the Pacific mole crabs scurry from whimbrels and
corvids alike...

On Mon, May 28, 2018, 7:11 PM Jeff Gilligan <jeffgilligan10...>

> Either species should be quite easy to make reliable at a particular
> location by feeding it. Peanuts and a large variety other food items would
> work.
> David Bailey - remember the Black Kite in North Portland? I think you saw
> it too, or was that Jim Johnson?
> For that matter - the Eurasian Tree Sparrow (though not the hybrids that
> ensued) in North Bend would likely qualify under the rule cited below.
> Jeff Gilligan
> > On May 28, 2018, at 2:36 PM, Mike Patterson <celata...> wrote:
> >
> > A possible HOODED CROW has very tentatively speculated from downtown
> > Astoria. If confirmed to not be a juvenile American Crow. It was
> > almost certainly ship assisted. This brings me to the perennial
> > question those living near major ports of call....
> >
> > "3.b (ii) A species observed far from its normal range may be counted
> > if, in the observer’s best judgment and knowledge, it arrived there
> > unassisted by man. A wild bird following or riding a ship at sea,
> > without being captured, is considered traveling unassisted by man."
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> > Mike Patterson
> > Astoria, OR
> > That question...
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