Date: 5/28/18 4:27 pm
From: mike sylvia <mikesylvia87...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Breeders - a 1 acre success story
Just wanted to share a bit of pride and enthusiasm for what can be achieved in a small space.

I have been sculpting my small yard in Lakeville over the last ten years to allow for nature.

Stone and wood piles, unmowed sections or poverty grass and other native "weed species", open to moderate height shrubs surrounded by tall trees.

A good sized patch of sumac

A large dead maple that has been had all of the top branched removed.

3 nest boxes on poles and the dead tree excavated by woodpeckers over the years

This year the three boxes have bluebirds, tree swallows, and titmice

The dead tree has hairy woodpecker, house sparrow (oh well), and a pair of great crested flycatchers moved in this weekend

Gray catbirds, downy woodpeckers, ruby-throated hummers, chipping sparrows, and house wrens also nesting.

the Baltimore checkerspots have a large population again and both black-tailed and tiger swallow tailed butterflies about

garter snakes are also doing well

Proud care taker

Mike Sylvia


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