Date: 5/28/18 12:33 pm
From: Kent Forward via Groups.Io <kforward=<>
Subject: [pen-bird] Lawrence's Goldfinch, Cassin's Vireo 5/27/18
Good Afternoon Birders,
I decided to bird Coal Creek OSP yesterday, it was my first time there and I was amazed at the variety of birds that were present.  A few of the highlights were hearing CASSIN'S VIREOs at several locations (complete details in the eBird checklist link below).  There may have been two at the Crazy Pete's trail location in the oak grove near the field w/old barn (just down the trail from Skyline Boulevard where the pavement ends). It was a three vireo day with WARBLING VIREO and HUTTON'S VIREOs also present. It was a four warbler day with the biggest surprise being several MACGILLIVRAY'S WARBLERs, also BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLERs, large numbers of ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERs and a lone WILSON'S WARBLER.  LAZULI BUNTINGs were everywhere on the upper stretches near Skyline.  A pair of WESTERN TANAGERs also made a brief but lovely appearance.

After hiking Coal Creek OSP, it was a quick walk across Skyline Boulevard to Russian Ridge OSP on the other side of the road where I wanted to see if the LAWRENCE'S GOLDFINCH were still present, and sure enough they were still in the same area I found them on May 12th. The upper 1/4 mile or so of Charquin Trail (access from Vista Point parking lot on Skyline Boulevard).  There were six flying around feeding on what is left of the Fiddleneck flowers and also Thistle that is now going to seed.  As was the case on the 12th, many LAZULI BUNTING and LESSER GOLDFINCH were sharing the same area.

Happy Birding Everyone!Kent ForwardEl Granada

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